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Calgary, AB


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Stargardt’s Eye Disease

A rare genetic condition that is related to macular degeneration. Unlike many other 3.1 disorders, Stargardt’s is not caused by lifestyle choices or normal aging. This disorder can affect the part of the eye that helps people see clearly and in fine detail.
People who develop Stargardt’s Disease often start noticing symptoms earlier in life, before they reach the age of 20. Symptoms are quite comparable to age-related macular degeneration, although in AMD symptoms often don’t start until after the age of 60.
Pain is not common in Stargardt’s, as it is mostly the vision that is affected. An early symptom is often blurred vision, and details such as words or facial features may be seen less clearly. Usually brighter light will decrease the blurriness. An individual may notice a blind spot in the center of her or his vision field, and it may grow bigger over time. Central vision loss is the main complaint from patients who have Stargardt’s disease.
At this time there is not a cure for this rare eye disease. While treatments are being researched and developed, there are certain things that one can do to perhaps put a stop to additional damage. The ultraviolet light that comes from the sun and tanning beds can expedite damage to the eyes, so wearing special eye wear may be suggested if you live in a sunny environment.
Look for glasses that provide 100 percent UV protection (or block up to 400 nanometers), wrap around the side of the face and fit snugly around the ears and nose, and possibly polarized or yellow lenses for enhanced vision in certain situations. Some choose to wear this eyewear inside as well, as reflections from certain objects and other lighting sources can also be harsh on the eyes.
While individuals may have lost central vision that affects television watching or reading, continuing these activities will not increase the damage caused by Stargardt’s.

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Located on the main floor of the Market Mall professional building. Providing eye exams, in-stock contact lenses and over 2,000 frames from over 40 brands of eyeglasses. Free parking is available for this Northwest Calgary location.


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