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Improving Eye Health Beyond the Prescription

What is Vision Therapy?

Optometric vision therapy refers to a rehabilitation process that involves both the eyes and the brain, to better cognitive processes involving vision.

Vision therapy aims to correct neurological disorders concerning the eye that cannot be corrected with prescription tools that strictly impact the way light is processed within the eye. The connection between the optic nerve in the eye and the part of the brain that communicates with it is assessed and improved upon with vision therapy.

Who Needs Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy can benefit a variety of patients experiencing a range of eye health deficiencies. Urban Optique can help people with the following conditions improve their visual acuity through a vision therapy approach:

  • Strabismus (Crossed Eye)
  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
  • Binocular coordination difficulties
  • Focusing issues
  • Neurological disorders or traumas

Vision Therapy for Children

Many children diagnosed with learning difficulties will be positively affected by vision therapy. Improving neural activity between the eye and brain can lead to marked improvement in children’s ability to read and learn. Following vision therapy, evidence often exists for misdiagnosis of ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia.

By considering vision therapy as physical therapy for the eyes, Urban Optique provides children with a non-invasive, rehabilitative approach to improved learning, before pharmaceutical avenues are sought. An optometrist can assess your child’s individual visual concerns and apply the appropriate vision therapy procedures.

Important Information about Vision Therapy:

What processes or exercises are included in vision therapy?

Your optometrist or vision therapy specialist will prescribe a program of vision procedures and exercises. They will be based on each patient’s individual requirements and performed under supervision.

What technologies are involved with vision therapy?

Urban Optique uses a variety of vision therapy technology, specialized vision therapy tools and medical equipment to determine progress. During your consultation the optometrist will explain all the procedures and exercises that will comprise your vision therapy program.

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Located on the main floor of the Market Mall professional building. Providing eye exams, in-stock contact lenses and over 2,000 frames from over 40 brands of eyeglasses. Free parking is available for this Northwest Calgary location.

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