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Improve Athletic Performance with Visual Healthcare

Vision and Sports are Connected

Sports and athletic performance are directly related to visual health and acuity. This goes beyond simple 20/20 vision, as many sports require trained hand-eye coordination, and elevated peripheral awareness and depth perception.

Most sports rely on success in these areas to perform at an optimal level and achieve maximum athletic success. The majority of professional athletes consult visual therapy experts to develop and maintain accelerated visual acuity.

Improving Visual Weaknesses

Beyond general visual wellness, the eyes can be tested for specific weaknesses that will increase ability in a given sport. These weaknesses are isolated through a variety of visual therapy exercises and improved with professional techniques that associate visual performance with a specific sport.

It is very rare for someone to have perfect sports vision, so almost all athletes will witness an enhanced athletic ability following sports vision therapy.

Sports Vision Evaluations

The evaluation of a patient’s sports vision allows our optometrists to recommend tailored programs customized to the individual’s eye health and performance goals. This often includes advanced computerized tests that can include 3-D holographic sports simulations. These tests measure reaction times, peripheral awareness, and hand-eye coordination. Video analysis can compliment testing in addressing areas of sports vision improvement.

Important Information about Sports Vision:

What sports benefit the most from sports vision development?

While any athletic endeavour will benefit from deliberate visual training and sports vision development, the following sports are great examples of beneficiaries:

  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Racquet sports
  • Baseball
  • Golf

Next Steps

All Ages Can Benefit from Sports Vision Training

Eyes Change as Kids Grow

Urban Optique has experience working with people of all ages in improving their sports vision. As children and adolescents progress through competitive tiers in their respective sports, their eyes change in prescription and visual ability. Sports vision training is an essential element of superior sports performance throughout an athlete’s growth.

Eyewear to Increase Performance

Following a sports vision session or program, our optometrists will recommend the best solutions for achieving optimum results. This can include products designed specifically for certain sports, such as prescription goggles, lenses, or contacts. Many of these options provide both the ability to increase performance vision and the means to protect eyes and eyesight. Our eye care professionals can showcase product that will combine functionality with athletic style.